Project manager

I'm telling from my own experience that project management is one of the most challenging and demanding jobs in a software agency. Only the most bold and beautiful can cope with the challenge. Do you have the get-things-done-and-more attitude that we are looking for?

Sander, Project Manager

Let's get acquainted

Thorgate is the leading digital product development companies in Estonia as well as being one of the biggest Python-focused companies in the whole Scandinavia. With a young, talented team, and innovative projects no mountain is too high or no river too wide. So it wouldn't be all work and no play, we set aside time regularly for knowledge sharing events and internal R&D guaranteed to keep the whole team at the top of the game. You'll be working at our cosy Tehnopol office full of amazing events and cool people. And this is just the start. Interested in finding out more?

Eva-Maria, CCO

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What we expect

The most important common denominator across our team is the passion for product development and innovation. However, we believe that a great project manager has also these following traits:

  • Understanding of agile software development processes 
  • Minimum 3 years of digital product management experience
  • Experience in measuring, tracking and analysing business metrics and reporting it to both your team and rest of the company
  • Get-shit-done-and-some-more attitude
  • Great communication skills
  • Precision in details and flexibility in discussions
  • Keep abreast with industry and market trends and best practices
  • Experience in stress management
  • Have fluency in both Estonian, English and preferably another language

Let's build amazing products together!